Road Repairs

**UPDATE – GREAT NEWS! The recent push by the Community to gain more signatures for the FREE road repair/replacement estimate has worked! We now have 10 streets that meet the minimum threshold to be considered for a FREE estimate from RCOC.

Streets that meet the 50% threshold and have submitted for quote:
Country Creek Drive – 10/19
Deer Springs Court – 4/8
Dunbar Court – 3/6
Inverness Drive- 18/35
Lexington Court – 5/7
Manchester Court – 3/5
McMillan Court – 7/13
South Creek Drive – 17/34
Wyndam Lane – 6/8
Wyndam Court – 5/7

If you do not see your street listed, it currently does not meet the 50% threshold. Please encourage your neighbors to fill out and return the road repair interest form located HERE. Please email or fax the completed form to our management company contact, Angela Phillips, at [email protected] or (248) 652-0662.

Have you noticed that some of our community roads are closer to gravel roads instead of paved roads? It’s no secret that our roads are aging quickly. The yearly crack filling and spot fixing is a very short term band-aid. So what can we as a community do about it?
The first step is to get a FREE quote from the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC). The ONLY requirement is that at least 50% of the homeowners on any given street submit their interest to RCOC. While a few of our streets have met this 50% requirement, most have not. We encourage you to fill out and sign the interest card, located below, and return it to In Rhodes office via, email, fax or mail.

Want to learn more information about the RCOC Special Assessment District (SAD) Paving Process? Click HERE or HERE

Email: [email protected]
Fax: (248) 652-0662
Mailing Address:
In Rhodes Management, Inc.
3252 University Drive, Suite 145
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

**Filling out this form DOES NOT bind you to ANY payments. This is merely the first step in a lengthy process to have our roads repaired/replaced for good and is FREE.


Have you noticed a leaning mailbox? How about a mailbox with peeling paint? The wide variety and condition of mailboxes in our community has created quite an eyesore. In an effort to keep our community looking great, the Board has agreed upon a community wide mailbox that is sturdy in construction and will create a uniform appearance. Please review the useful information below!


Color: Bronze
Brand: Salsbury Industries
Model: 4850A-BRZ (Antique Rural Mailbox, Bronze)
Links to Purchase: Amazon /

Newspaper Holder

Color: Bronze
Brand: Salsbury Industries
Model: 4815E-BRZ – Eagle Newspaper Holder
Links to Purchase: Amazon /

Mailbox Post

Color: Bronze
Brand: Salsbury Industries
1 Sided
Model: 4870BRZ Deluxe Mailbox Post 1 Sided
Links to Purchase: Amazon /
2 Sided (For 2 Mailboxes)
Model: 4872BRZ Deluxe Mailbox Post 2 Sided
Links to Purchase: Amazon /
2 Sided (For 3 Mailboxes)
Model: 4873BRZ Deluxe Mailbox Post 2 Sided
Links to Purchase: Amazon /
2 Sided (For 4 Mailboxes)
Model: 4874BRZ Deluxe Mailbox Post 2 Sided
Links to Purchase: Amazon /


The Board has approved action to prevent the spread of Phragmites in our community. There has been a number of opinions, for or against Phragmites. The fact is that the type of Phragmites we have in Country Creek is a, non-native, invasive species that will continue to flourish and negatively impact our community. Phragmites monopolize resources of the natural vegetation and quickly changes the natural balance of our wetlands. Some residents have voiced concern over the look of the dead Phragmites. Once the Phragmites have been killed, the natural vegetation can begin to regrow. This is not an overnight process, but over time the natural flora will return to the area.
Additional Information can be found in this Michigan State Article and in this document about Invasive Species