December 2020

Trash and Recycling – Due to a recent merger, our Trash and Recycling is now being handled by GFL. Our previously negotiated bulk pickup of $20 per item remains. Please call GFL at (888) 895-8696 to setup your bulk pickup or Trash/Recycling can replacement.

Roads Update – Great News! All of the signature collections have paid off! RCOC is moving forward with our FREE quote for road repair/replacement. The following roads met the criteria for quote and are part of the study:


September 2020

Phragmites – Weather dependent, starting next week (28SEP) PLM will be out in the community treating for Phragmites in common areas. Signs will be posted in the areas of treatment.

Yard Waste and Bulk Item Pickup – Advance Disposal has started their bulk pickup once again. Owners should call Advance Disposal at (888) 443-1717 to schedule bulk item pick up.

Site Maps – Maps of Country Creek and The Woods have been added to the ‘Bylaws, Forms and Communications’ page.

August 2020

Peacocks – The board has been informed about two nuisance Peacocks in the community. The Board has contacted local and state wildlife / animal control groups for guidance. At this time, homeowners may contact local pest or animal control companies to have them removed.  This is not an Association expense. A fellow community member has provide some alternative suggestions on how to deal with the peacocks including banging a bunch of pots together, using an air horn or pressurized air, and in the summer, use a hose. These actions must be done consistently, in order to create and environment that is not conducive to allowing the Peacocks to continue to inhabit our community.

Fences – In line with the by-laws there will be NO FENCES permitted in 2021 without prior Board approval. Letters will be mailed out shortly advising homeowners they have until 30NOV20 to remove the fence.

Road Repair –  Paperwork for many of the streets has been submitted to RCOC for free estimates.  We are waiting on a response from RCOC regarding the next steps.

April 2020

Spring News Letter – As mentioned in the Spring News Letter, this will be the last one mailed out to residents. Starting in 2021, all news letter will be sent via email and posted on this website.

Key updates from this year’s letter:

Mailbox Replacement – Does your mailbox look bad? Is it made of plastic? Is it leaning, faded, or falling apart? Upgrade
the curb appeal of your house by purchasing the same mailbox that many residents throughout the
subdivision have installed. We would like to have a uniform mailbox look throughout Country Creek and The
Woods. Unlike many of the subdivisions around us, our Association does not own or maintain the mailboxes.
The mailbox post is available in single, double and triple mailbox configurations. Additional information located HERE.

Road Repair – Requests for pothole or road repairs need to be directed to the
Oakland County Road Commission. Our roads are public roads that are owned by Oakland County. Because
our roads are not private roads, the Association does not have any responsibility to maintain the roads or
curbs within the community. Several of our roads are currently going through the road replacement process
with the Oakland County Road Commission. Please go to our website to read about this initiative to have
our roads replaced. This was an important topic that has been discussed during the last several Annual
Meetings. Please visit the Community Initiatives page for additional information.

A digital copy of this years letter can be found on the Bylaws Forms and Communications page.

Yard Waste and Bulk Item Pickup – Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, advance disposal is suspending all yard waste and bulk item pickup until further notice. Our Community contact at Advance Disposal suggests residents sign up for alerts; this will advise residences when they may put out yard waste again or schedule a bulk item pickup.  To signup for alerts click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue ‘Sign Me Up For Alerts’ button. It is suggested that residents store yard waste in a dry area until pickup.

March 2020

Street Sweeping – In early April we will have our streets swept and drainage basins cleaned. We do not yet have an exact date, but when we do we will post the information on this website. We will also send out a community email so you have time to move any cars parked on the road temporarily and be prepared for any loud noise that comes with the sweeper. If you would like to join the email list please send an email to Angela at angela@inrhodes.com.

Snow Plow Damage – If you have damage to your front lawn please contact Angela Phillips at In Rhodes Management. Our landscape company is obligated under contact to repair any damage to property caused by their services. Please call Angela at (248) 652-8221, ext. 140 or email her at angela@inrhodes.com. Be sure to include a description of the damage, your address and a picture of the damage would be great, too. To help prevent snow plow damage next year, please use the orange and yellow lawn stakes to mark the edge of the street in front, or on the side, of your house. The stakes help guide the snow plow drivers so they don’t run their plow on your grass.

January 2020

Waste Disposal – Do you need a new garbage can? Please email Julie Nitowski at Julie.Nitowski@advanceddisposal.com to initiate a can replacement. Be sure to mention ‘Country Creek’ in the email subject line. All information about our contract and community contact at Advance Disposal can be found on the About The Community Page. As a reminder Yard Waste pick-up is included on our contact and runs from the beginning of April through the end of November each year.


November 2019

Road Repair Update – GREAT NEWS! The recent push by the Community to gain more signatures for the FREE road repair/replacement estimate has worked! We now have 10 streets that meet the minimum threshold to be considered for a FREE estimate from RCOC. Additional information about the road repair process can be found on the Community Initiatives page.

Streets that meet the 50% threshold and are in process of being submitted for quote:
Country Creek Drive – 10/19
Deer Springs Court – 4/8
Dunbar Court – 3/6
Inverness Drive- 18/35
Lexington Court – 5/7
Manchester Court – 3/5
McMillan Court – 7/13
South Creek Drive – 17/34
Wyndam Lane – 6/8
Wyndam Court – 5/7

If you see your street listed below, it currently does not meet the 50% threshold. Please encourage your neighbors to fill out and return the road repair interest form that was provided to you in your mailbox earlier this fall. If you have misplaced your letter, it is also located HERE. Please email or fax the completed form to our management company contact, Angela Phillips, at angela@inrhodes.com or (248) 652-0662.

Streets that do not yet meet the 50% threshold:
Ascot Court – 4/13
Bonniebrook Court – 1/9
Boxwood Court- 2/9
Chatford Court – 3/11
Deer Park Court – 4/9
Deer Springs Drive – 13/38
Sussex – 4/10
West York Court – 4/15
Woodcliff Court – 1/10

October 2019

Sprinkler Winterization: As in past years, Blueline Irrigation will be offering $35.00 flat rate winterization on irrigation systems at Country Creek on the following dates: 10/4, 10/11, 10/12, 10/18 and 10/19. If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please email Blueline at bluelineirrigation@gmail.com or call them at (248) 565-8918.

September 2019

Public Rezoning Hearing – The Township of Orion to consider rezoning the land East of Squirrel and South of Silverbell on October 2, 2019 at 7:05 p.m. in the lower level of the Orion Township Hall, 2525 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion, Michigan 48360 . For additional information please see the Township of Orion hearing notice located HERE.

Tired of all the Potholes on our roads??? The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) is offering a program that offers FREE repair/replacement estimates for all qualifying roads. Learn how we can fix them HERE

Replacing your mailbox? Select the Community Approved Mailbox and be the envy of your neighbors! Find out more information HERE